Behind the Cover

Hey there! It’s us. And our first post will be… well, about us! We are both 17 Communication students from the tropical and sunny Philippines, and no, we don’t go to the same university although we’re taking the same major in college. It is fate that brought us together despite the (short) distance between us. 😜 We’ve known each other for over a year now, more than we individually know ourselves. That’s why here, we chose to tell things we know about each other rather than describing our own selves that’ll result to … nothing, probably. 


This is Gio. He fell in love with books since 5th grade and stayed in love until now. From The 39 Clues to Matthew Quick novels, books have kept him company as an only child. Young Adult Fiction, specifically fantasy and contemporary, is his favorite and most-read genre. He’s a dork and a big nerd. He usually spends his free time playing video games, collecting toys (he has a hundred of ’em!), capturing Pokémon here and there, making origami and watching TV shows or movies which are nerdy (i.e. Star Wars, Sherlock, Doctor Who, etc.) aside from the seasonal football games.

He’s a huge fan of Owl City music and recently he listens to Capital Cities too. He also found his way to the world of writing; so far he has a couple of unfinished storieshandwritten and typedhidden in his drawer. Besides that, he has a collection of poetry as well in which some of them have been featured and published in folios and school newsletters/magazines. He’s currently a Literary Deputy Editor of their college publication. Being an introvert, words are his best friends. I’ve never met nor known someone like him before because of his uniqueness. For me, he’s a book being written everyday. He’s a living compilation of stories, never ending. There’s a lot more to discover behind those glasses (which he looks so adorkable with them) and I’m always in the mood to explore every page of him.


This is Kristen. She has a beautiful smile and she loves reading Fantasy novels that bring her into her own wonderful world. I’d want to join her someday there, wherever she takes herself. She is the most brilliant writer I’ve ever known, and all of her works—her short stories and poetry—are works of art that will someday be published for their wonders. Her love for Disney is one of the things that makes her lovely; she’d spent the entire day watching Disney films as she sings along to their soundtracks. She has  a beautiful voice, though she claims that she doesn’t have, that makes me smile every time I hear it (she’s singing right now as I type this down, and I really can’t help but smile), and also makes me feel alive and well, if I’m not fine. She’s a big fan of Taylor Swift, and she also listens to country music, which is another thing that’s unique about her.

She adores ice skating and plans to improve on her skills in the future when the time comes. She’s silent, timid, and a demure type of girl, but inside her is a universe filled with thoughts, ideas, and imaginations that I cannot wait to hear when we converse in the night before we sleep. She’s really special, and she’s the best person to be with, and she never fails to make me happy, which is one of the infinite of things that’s wonderful about her.


So, this is us, Kristen and Gio, and that’s all we can share about our personal characters (at least, for now!). Expect to hear from more of us soon! Book reviews*, book recommendations and discussions, literary works, and other varieties of reading- and writing-related stuff will be posted on our blog! Perhaps we’re going to share occasional life stories, too!

We can’t wait to travel through the tales with all of you, fellow loving readers!  After all, this is just a prologue… 😉 





*Our review policy can be found here:


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