2017 Reading Challenge

New year, new books to read! We’d bet our bottom dollar that every proper human being on this planet (fictional characters may or may not be included) create goals or resolutions to accomplish within twelve months for a better year. In Goodreads, we set a specific number of books we want to read in the whole year, and that’s what we’re going to talk about.

⋅ ° • ° ⋅

Since 2014, I started doing the reading challenge and have completed them for 3 years straight. I had begun at 15 books then, and by the end of the year I’ve managed to read three more. The following year, I had tried to double it to 30 and succeeded too soon that I got to read a total of 53 books. Last 2016, I challenged myself to 60 books and was so confident that I’m going to achieve it. However, it didn’t turn out to what I expected because I was always several books behind especially during the last months of the year. College got me very buys and helk was I so pressured! I binge-read novellas, poetry books and audio books to catch up. And on the last day of December, I have read three books. I completed the challenge, I did it. 😎

Sooo, anyway, this year I lowered it down to only 45 books. Better first complete it and exceed rather than not succeed! With that, I’m aiming to get more diverse books in my hands; the community is growing larger and I want to be a part of the advocacy, to support and spread the wonder of these novels. I’m also planning to read all the books off my shelf first before buying new ones. NovelKnight’s #BeatTheBacklist inspired me and therefore had me joining the club. This is to prevent the mighty TBR list from getting longerer and help readers actually read what’s on their shelf (that’s probably been stuck in there for ages), before buying the latest releases. It may be a “new year, new books to read”-kind-of-year, let’s also not forget about our book darlings that were published earlier. If you’re determined like me, I encourage everyone to participate in this challenge!

⋅ ° • ° ⋅

This year, I’ll be reading at least 30 books! I was planning to go for 45, like Kristen, but she suggested that I should try to double what I’ve read last year, which was 15. To give a brief history, I started my Goodreads Reading Challenge because of Kristen. When we started to know each other, it was January of last year when she suggested that I should join the reading challenge. So basically 2015 was not my reading year, because I got to read only around 5 books that year (probably less). That statistic was pretty awful, and I wasn’t even busy that year. And believe me, telling a girl (that you really like, and who read 53 books) that you read 5 books that year was not a good way to impress her (but I still did, didn’t I? 😎). So I wanted to improve myself in 2016 and set a goal of reading 15 books! Though I was pretty busy because of college, I still completed my reading challenge just in time. And this year, it will be a bigger reading year for me. 

So I’m planning to read more this year because I want to explore more stories, some of which I haven’t read before. I’ll continue some of the series I’ve put on hold, and welcome new ones in open arms. I plan to not stop reading even if I’ve reached 30 books already, so I’ll read as many as I can! Also, I’ll also be joining the #BeatTheBacklist challenge (like Kristen), which means that I won’t be reading books published this year (or at least read less books that will be published this year). I have so many unread books from my shelf, and I want to finish them all before I buy new ones. But I will buy books which were published the previous years – books that I need to continue, or finish a series. I also plan to read more classical books this year, more than what I’ve read the previous years. So that explains what I’m planning to do this 2017 in terms of reading. So for now, I’ll be starting to read my first book of 2017 – Extraordinary Means, by Robyn Schneider (A review on that soon!).


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