The Synopsis


Hewwo! This is Kristen and Gio, both from the house of Hufflepuff in Hogwarts and both Communication students in real life, who share a common love for books. We’re both seventeen-year-old introverts, living in our own wonderland surrounded by books and books and more books.

When we’re not reading, we’re most likely watching movies and TV shows together. Sometimes, Kristen would be taking bookish pictures while Gio would be playing video games.

We also write and it is through poetry that brought us to each other. One of our dreams is to someday have our own books published, sharing the stories we create.

Read our ‘Behind the Cover’ for more! →

R E V I E W   P O L I C Y

Below are the genres we are only interested in reviewing:



  • Young Adult
    • Fantasy
    • Fairytale retellings
    • Dystopian/Sci-fi
    • Contemporary
  • Middle Grade
  • Poetry
  • Young Adult
    • Fantasy
    • Sci-fi
    • Contemporary
  • Fiction
  • Classics
  • Middle Grade



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